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ToolWatch Enterprise

Stop Tool Loss — and Manage Materials
more Affordably

ToolWatch is the most comprehensive system available today for managing tools, equipment, materials and consumables more efficiently across your company. This easy-to-use cloud-based application securely stores critical information on all of warehouse and field operation assets in one centralized database.

The result is reduced tool costs, automated management of materials, more consistent equipment service management and more accurate job costs and billing.

Nearly every department within your organization needs information about tools, equipment, materials and consumables. But because these assets are spread around different jobsites, warehouses, tool cribs and regions, it can be nearly impossible for those who need this information to retrieve it efficiently. White boards and paper-based systems are inefficient. And spreadsheet-based approaches are cumbersome and limited in scope.

Designed by construction veterans and tool and equipment experts, ToolWatch allows you to securely manage and track all of your:
  • Tools and equipment
  • Consumables and materials
  • Service and calibration
  • Purchasing and receiving
  • Job costs and billing
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All through a secure, centralized database. This enables authorized users from any department and from anywhere in the world to retrieve the critical information they need, when they need it.
ToolWatch is much more than just basic tool tracking. It’s a comprehensive software solution that automates and integrates all warehouse, yard and field operations throughout your enterprise — from the warehouse to delivery, all the way to the jobsite and back. ToolWatch enables you to:

Reduce Theft, Loss and Tool Costs: Avoid having to chase down missing tools and equipment, and ensure that items get back to the warehouse or crib.

Automate Materials Management: Set desired stocking levels for materials and consumables with user-defined alerts. Manage the disbursal of items more efficiently. And reduce paperwork by automating the billing of these items to various projects.

Ensure that tool, equipment and fleet maintenance events and calibrations are always performed on time. Easily track repair costs. And access complete service history for all your assets to help extend their useful life and to comply with OSHA regulations.

Streamline Purchasing and Receiving: Get notified when materials and consumables reach their reorder points. Extend purchasing and receiving functionality outside your four walls with handheld mobile devices. And increase PO and inventory accuracy through an automated PO-creation and receiving process.

Automate Job Costing and Billing: Keep field and warehouse staff from having to manage tedious paperwork through automated billing functions. Plus, ensure accurate project performance by automatically charging customers, departments or projects for tools used, lost or damaged.
ToolWatch contains dozens of powerful, practical and field-tested capabilities not found in competing systems. Some of the system’s most powerful features include:

Tool and Equipment Management Features

  • Multiple Stocking Locations: Manage tools, equipment, materials and consumables at multiple locations, including warehouses, tool cribs and tool supply vehicles.
  • Electronic Pick Tickets: List items needed for a project, employee or stock point.

    See more tool and equipment management features >

Materials and Consumables Management Features

  • Bar Code Scanning: Automate your inventory, billing and job cost information with any of our mobile scanning devices.
  • Automatic Low-Level Notification: Get automatic notifications whenever inventory levels are too low or too high.
  • Flexible Job Cost and Billing Options: Choose job cost and billing mark-ups for products or specific projects, and set up cost codes for different categories.

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Equipment Service Management Features

  • Automatic Notifications and Digital Work Orders: Get notified when an item is due for service. One more click displays a new digital work order containing all of the tasks and materials necessary to complete the service event.
  • Automatic Billing of Labor and Materials: Keep service personnel from having to generate paperwork on what needs to be done, what was done, who did it, how long it took and what it cost.
  • Calibrations and Inspections Management: Quickly determine the latest calibration and inspection dates for all your tools and equipment, helping you improve safety and better comply with OSHA guidelines.

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Purchasing and Receiving Features

  • Low-Level Browser: Set desired levels (including minimum and maximum thresholds) and automated alerts for tools and materials.
  • Receiving Ticket: Improve accuracy and avoid costly headaches through ToolWatch-generated receiving tickets, which communicate with the original PO to track missing and backordered items.

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Job Cost and Billing Features

  • Fixed-Rate Billing: Generate a flat-rate charge for a tool when it is assigned. Upon its return, ToolWatch can automatically calculate a return credit based on a percentage of the tool’s replacement value.
  • Establish Cost Centers: Improve internal billing accuracy by having ToolWatch automatically posts all billing charges to cost centers that you define. You can even assign independent billing rules and mark-ups to each cost center.
  • Interface with Your Accounting System: Save time and reduce the chance of errors by having ToolWatch integrated with your accounting system at the job-cost or general-ledger level.

    See more job cost and billing features >

Technology Features

  • Microsoft Smart Client Technology: Deploy ToolWatch faster and with fewer IT resources. Once installed, this technology makes the system virtually maintenance-free.
  • Administrator-Controlled and Enterprise-Class Security: Enable user-specific access levels based on employee roles, while ensuring the highest level of data protection.

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ToolWatch Accessories: Enabling Automated Management of Construction Resources

Effective management of construction resource hinges on having access to accurate, real-time data. ToolWatch accessories enable more efficient, automated transactions, providing you with instant visibility and enhanced operational performance.

Scanning Devices

Bar codes eliminate the need for keyboard data entry by providing a simple, automated way to track construction resources. ToolWatch bar code scanners and mobile devices maximize productivity and improve accuracy, even in harsh warehouse, tool crib and jobsite environments.

View Scanning Devices >

Labels and Tags

ToolWatch labels are bar codes that adhere to the item’s surface. From durable polyester to aluminum foil to Teflon-coated, even epoxied metal, ToolWatch bar code labels are extremely durable. They’re built for today’s brutal construction conditions, some are guaranteed for the life of the tool, and they represent the fastest means of checking-in and checking-out tools and equipment.

View Labels and Tags >

ToolWatch Enterprise

Automate and streamline your entire warehouse, yard, and field operations

Get started for less than $5/user/day*

  • Tool & Equipment Management
  • Consumables & Materials Management
  • Pick Tickets & Transfers
  • Service & Calibration
  • Purchasing & Receiving
  • Job Cost & Billing
  • Dashboards
  • Reports & Graphs
  • Multiple Stock Locations

* Does not include one-time license fee. Based on a minimum one-year agreement

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