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ToolWatch Technology

From GPS and cellular to RFID and forensic identification systems, ToolWatch leverages some of today’s hottest technologies to help you consolidate, manage, use, share and protect your tools and materials.

We manage the complex back-end infrastructure of these technologies so you can focus on what matters most: increasing revenue, reducing tool and material costs, and improving competitive advantage.

Learn more about our innovative technologies below.

ToolWatch’s cloud computing platform provides you with the tool and materials management functionality you need while eliminating start-up costs and reducing your IT budget to a predictable annual subscription. As your business and your needs grow, you can simply add users and functionality at a pace that makes sense for you.

This cloud computing model allows you to:

  • Eliminate the Need for an Up-Front Capital Investment: ToolWatch is maintained and supported within a state-of-the-art data center. There’s no software to buy and install. And you can securely access it at any time with a simple connection to the Internet.
  • Reduce Implementation Time and Total Cost of Ownership: Unlike client/server applications, the ToolWatch cloud computing software model allows your system to be deployed and up and running quickly. You can also add users as needed. And because your support and maintenance are already included in the subscription fees, you’ll enjoy a low cost of ownership and reliable cost predictability.
  • Focus on Your Core Business—Not on Maintaining Software: Because ToolWatch is delivered through the cloud, you won’t have to worry about infrastructure requirements or software maintenance and upgrades. This also reduces the application’s complexity, which leads to faster, more successful implementations than those of traditional software.
  • Enjoy Unsurpassed Security and Privacy: But don’t think that because we make it easy we’ve also skimped on security. ToolWatch runs on a proven infrastructure with extremely high levels of security and reliability.

World-Class Security, Reliability and Availability

ToolWatch uses some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. We devote significant resources to continually develop our world-class security and network infrastructure. This results in levels of security, privacy, reliability and availability that meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Secure Physical Environment: The foundation of the ToolWatch security network starts with our physical infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art data centers are protected by dual-token authentication access, an intercom system, multiple video surveillance cameras, and individually locked cabinets and cages. Our systems are protected by dedicated managed firewall equipment and intrusion detection systems that receive regular security updates and patch upgrades and are monitored 24x7x365.
  • Data Security: Within the applications themselves, customer data is maintained in a secure, logically separated manner, and all aspects of communication between end-user clients and the service that may contain sensitive data are transmitted over secure protocols, using public-key encryption.
  • Extensible Platform: ToolWatch is built on an extensible platform that leverages best-of-breed enterprise technologies, including the Microsoft .NET Framework. Our back-end infrastructure provides a highly available, highly scalable transaction processing environment to meet the needs of even the largest, most complex organizations. This includes a rich API based on industry-standard technologies (Web services, WSDL, SOAP and XML) to facilitate custom integrations with other applications and business processes.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: ToolWatch uses a comprehensive suite of monitoring tools to continuously measure all aspects of availability and performance. Our combination of on-site and remote support resources is immediately engaged through a series of automatic alarms and notifications in the event of any issue. This helps ensure that any potential problem is resolved before customers are impacted.
  • Business Continuance: ToolWatch employs a best-practice framework based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) service management for change, configuration, availability and incident management processes. These processes are key in ensuring our ability to deliver high-quality and highly available solutions to our customers.
  • Disaster Recovery: ToolWatch is built around a strategy of fault tolerance. This means that the system is designed with multiple layers of redundancy to allow hardware failures without impacting the availability or performance of the application. However, we have also put significant processes and infrastructure in place to mitigate risk and ensure disaster recovery. This includes comprehensive fail-over and data backup solutions to avoid or minimize disruption of service and data loss.

ToolWatch GPS:
Instantly Track Your Big-Ticket Assets on a Map

ToolWatch has partnered with DeWALT to offer MOBILELOCK™, DeWALT’s innovative wireless GPS system for monitoring all types and all brands of mobile assets, wherever they are located. The MOBILELOCK™ anti-theft units and tracking service can be integrated with ToolWatch to provide complete, flexible and portable solutions for job-site security and 24/7 asset management. This means you can:

  • Counter loss and theft, especially with big-ticket items
  • Help law enforcement find your equipment faster
  • Prevent tool and equipment damage (studies show that quick recovery results in minimal damage to the asset)
  • Minimize field downtime and project delays

Construction Equipment: The MOBILELOCK™ device can be hidden on construction equipment.

Portable Containers: MOBILELOCK™ can monitor motion inside storage trailers and remote containers.

Temperature Monitoring: Track and monitor from your PC or mobile device fluctuations in temperature for curing concrete, enabling you to make better labor-allocation decisions.

To learn more about this breakthrough solution, please visit the MOBILELOCK™ website or contact a ToolWatch GPS specialist.

The Bar Code Experts

At ToolWatch, we have spent almost 20 years developing and refining our bar code application methodology. No other company in the world has our depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to matching the right type of bar code with the right tool.

Bar Codes for Extreme Environments

ToolWatch bar codes resist even the most unforgiving construction environments. They’re built to withstand abrasion, corrosion, moisture, high temperatures, solvents, harsh chemicals and UV light. And they’re manufactured with a strong adhesive that permanently adheres to a wide range of tool surfaces—including metal, plastic, wood and rubber.

Metal labels are either riveted to the tool or applied with an epoxy compound, depending on the size and dimensions of the tool. Plus, all ToolWatch bar code labels are photographically composed, guaranteeing the highest degree of scanning accuracy the first time.

We’re so confident about the durability of our bar code labels, some are guaranteed for the life of the tool. Take a look at the durability profiles of these remarkable bar code labels.

We’ll Help You Find the Best Solution

Of course, not all tools and materials should have bar code labels. Some items, such as small drill bits, are better suited for bar code labels attached to parts bins. And others can be better identified by just painting or engraving a number on them. Warehouse and tool crib personnel can then key those numbers into their scanners manually as they check in and check out each item. We’ll help you make the most practical and cost-effective solution for every situation you might encounter.

RFID: An Alternate Option for Some of Your Tracking Challenges

Make no mistake about it—bar codes are still the dominant technology when it comes to managing tools and materials. Virtually all industry experts agree that it will be years before they go away. Yet for some items, RFID (radio frequency identification) can be an even better option.

What Is RFID?

RFID is an automatic identification method that relies on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags, or transponders. RFID tags house a chip and antenna. Each chip, much like a bar code label, stores a unique identifier that can be linked into a database.

A handheld scanner is used to access information stored within the chip. But rather than a laser reading a bar code, RFID scanners send radio energy to the tag. Information is then broadcast back to the scanner, and the scanner communicates with the ToolWatch database to unlock stored data about the item—everything from the item’s location to the last person to use it to its complete service history.

Some advantages RFID has over bar codes include the following:

  • RFID scanners can read RFID tags even when they’re inside a plastic carrying case or embedded in a tool, whereas bar codes must be visible to be detected.
  • RFID tags can be installed inside many tools to protect the tags in harsh environments.
  • RFID tags can be read from a greater distance.
  • More data can be stored in an RFID tag than on a bar code.

RFID tags cannot be removed without dismantling the tool, thereby providing a greater theft deterrent in some cases. Plus, RFID tags can be embedded with more sophisticated information, thus enabling more effective management of some of your key tools and equipment.

To learn more about this breakthrough solution, contact one of our RFID specialists.

ToolWatch Mobile:
Enabling Tool and Materials Management from Any Location

ToolWatch mobile technology extends the ToolWatch software to remote workers—regardless of whether they have a “live” Internet connection. When workers are in an area without wireless Internet connectivity, the mobile unit will simply continue capturing and storing data within the unit.

Once you’re connected (either via wireless Internet, a cell phone connection or a docking station), the unit automatically updates your main ToolWatch database. And you can be assured that all data is securely stored in nonvolatile memory, so even if the scanner needs to be recharged or the battery needs to be replaced, your data is always safe.

Being truly mobile allows your remote workforce to:

Capture digital signatures to improve accuracy. ToolWatch mobile technology allows you to capture a digital signature from the receiving employee. By connecting remotely to your ToolWatch database, the information is updated in the system in real time.

Create new tool and product records on the fly using a variety of information. Also, the receiving functionality allows you to receive purchased items via digital receiving tickets with or without a ToolWatch-generated PO.

Fulfill orders from electronic pick tickets faster, more accurately and with no paperwork. You’ll ensure that the right items always go to the right jobs so you can keep field staff productive.

Update material and consumable inventory levels easily by revising on-hand quantities, on-order status, transfers and other information as you walk through the warehouse, yard or tool crib.

Track meter readings, equipment status and tool inventory levels stored in remote job sites. Capture hours and odometer readings in order to trigger service events as needed.

No need for a “live” connection. The functional power of ToolWatch Mobile isn’t dependent on your having a “live” Internet connection.

To learn more, download the ToolWatch Mobile brochure. >>