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    Toolwatch | Mar 2, 2022 5:47:58 PM

    Announcing Warehouse Mobile for Android and iOS

ToolWatch Warehouse Mobile is now compatible with Android and iOS devices. Utilizing the smartphones and tablets many on your team already carry, the new app enables them to effectively manage tools, equipment, materials, and consumables from wherever they are. The result is greater productivity and increased accuracy in warehouse management operations.

User‐friendly Warehouse Mobile is fully connected and easy to install, providing a rapid return on your investment. The app also supports dedicated barcode and RFID scanners.

As an industry leader with more than 6,000 installations in 20 countries, our focus is on developing advanced tool tracking and management systems that deliver increased efficiency and greater profitability through:

  • Enterprise‐wide visibility
  • Fast response
  • Real‐time data
  • Data sharing throughout the ToolWatch suite
  • Powerful integrations with other critical business systems

Features of the new Warehouse Mobile app for Android include:

New item creation: Define new entries in the ToolWatch Enterprise database with just a few taps.

Transfers: Transfer tools, equipment, and material to and from any warehouse, tool crib, jobsite, truck, or employee.

Pick tickets: Digital pick tickets improve accuracy and streamline the picking process.

Inventory counts: Update inventory counts in real time for highly accurate stats on every item stocked in the warehouse.

Express check‐in/out: Give warehouse or jobsite tool crib attendants the ability to quickly check items in and out so field teams are never idle waiting for what they need.

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