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    Toolwatch | July 20, 2023 

    ToolWatch Announces On-Site, Flexible Training Options for Customers

In today’s fast-paced and demanding construction industry, providing your team with comprehensive training on the latest systems and processes is vital. Training is a continuous process, and businesses that prioritize investing in their employee’s skills and comprehension of procedures often experience reduced downtime and greater collaboration across projects. However, individuals have different learning styles, and a one-size fits all training may not be effective. That is why ToolWatch offers various training options for its construction operations software.

  • From a tech guru in admin to someone who can barely turn on a computer, we can teach everyone how to use ToolWatch.”
    David Meacham
    Accounts Manager at Jenco
  • “It [ToolWatch] was so simple–to use, understand, and quickly train our people in the field. It was just simple, and that was one of the things I like about ToolWatch.”
    Jeff Moncrief
    Director of Asset Management at Saulsbury

As a ToolWatch customer, you have the flexibility to choose from various training options included in the lifetime of your ToolWatch subscription. These options include:

  • Instructor-led classroom training located at ToolWatch headquarters in Denver
  • Live virtual training
  • Training videos available on-demand

All ToolWatch training provides an in-depth experience tailored to optimize your construction operations management. In addition to the included training options, ToolWatch just announced their newest service offering: On-site Training, bringing a hands-on learning experience directly to your location. 

In this article, we will explore three key benefits on-site training provides your team.

Conveniently Learn at Your Location

With ToolWatch’s On-Site Training, the days of packing your bags and enduring long commutes to training centers are over. This program eliminates the need for travel by conducting training sessions directly at your location. By removing the logistical barrier, you save time and reduce expenses associated with transportation and accommodations. 

on-site training in Toledo0n-site Training | Lake Erie, Toledo

Furthermore, conducting team training in a comfortable and familiar environment, such as your warehouse or offices, creates a sense of ease for your team members. Familiarity with the learning environment can enhance engagement in the overall learning experience. With a dedicated learning environment, team members can immerse themselves in training to grasp new concepts and skills that apply directly to their work.  

Interactive Training for Enhanced Comprehension

One of the most effective ways to learn is through hands-on experience. At ToolWatch, our technical trainers recognize the importance of practical applications and place a strong emphasis on interactive sessions within the ToolWatch platform. That is why each training session equips participants with an activity guide and a ToolWatch sandbox environment that mirrors a live production environment.

Moreover, as a ToolWatch customer, you have the option to choose a curriculum that aligns with your company goals and applies directly to the essential skills of each of your teams– whether it is your field, back-office, or warehouse team. Curriculum topics include:

ToolWatch Cloud
Essential Skills–a comprehensive ToolWatch Training
Field and Warehouse Module
Job Cost & Billing
Service and Calibration
Purchasing and Receiving
ToolWatch EHS
Scan Module
Training Module
Forms Module
Incident Module
Inspections Module
Observations Module
Job Site Safety Analysis Module
Admin Module


This hands-on approach boosts confidence and proficiency, allowing your team to hit the ground running when implementing ToolWatch into their everyday operations. 

Collaboration and Shared Software Insights

Teamwork and collaboration are key drivers of success in any construction firm. ToolWatch On-Site Training creates an environment that encourages team interactions and shared insights. Participants can engage in discussions, ask questions to ToolWatch platform experts, and learn from their colleagues’ experiences. This collaborative learning fosters a sense of unity and empowers your team to leverage each other’s knowledge, ultimately enhancing their collective performance. 

Investing in your team’s growth through effective training can streamline your processes further as your team learns how to operate in lock-step. With ToolWatch’s flexible training options, you can choose the format that works best for your team’s learning needs and schedule. Visit ToolWatch Training to learn more about ToolWatch’s On-Site Training option. 

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