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Reports and Graphs

Reports and Graphs

Take the guesswork out of managing the tool and equipment aspect of your business

ToolWatch comes with an array of reports covering all aspects of tool, equipment, materials, and consumables management. This includes:

Tool Reports

Fourteen different reports on everything from tool utilization to current status.

List Reports

A total of 16 reports providing details on many user-defined lists like ToolWatch users, tool categories, etc.

Transfer Reports

Two reports with specifics on the movement of assets.

Barcode Labels and Badges

Four items for identifying resources or personnel.

Consumable Reports

These five reports provide information on the use of consumables.

Purchasing Reports

Seven reports addressing all facets of your purchasing activities.

Service Reports

Five reports on tool and equipment service that has been scheduled or completed.

Job Cost and Billing Reports

A total of 46 reports breaking down job costing and billing from every angle.

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