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Submit online requests to quickly get the resources you need

Stay ahead of fast-changing jobsite requirements with the ability to submit digital requisitions on the go. Request tools, equipment, and materials quickly, efficiently, and accurately with the Field Requisition feature of the ToolWatch Field App.

Improved communication between field teams and the warehouse team increases the productivity of both groups and prevents errors that can occur with illegible paper request forms or misinterpreted phone conversations.

Time Savings

Eliminate time wasted filling out requisition forms or playing phone tag with the warehouse team. Keep both teams focused on what they do best.

Draft Capability

Never forget an item. Use the Field App’s draft capability to note your needs as soon as they come to mind. Review and submit your list as time permits.

One-Touch Item Selection

Increase accuracy with one-touch selection of items from your inventory list. Prevent time wasted on returning tools and equipment incorrectly sent due to miscommunications on the type or number of items.

Auto-Generated Pick Tickets

ToolWatch automatically produces pick tickets in the warehouse, streamlining the picking and delivering of items. Pulling information from a request directly onto a pick ticket also eliminates transcription errors.

Better Warehouse Workflow

With simplified anytime, anywhere ability to submit a request, Field teams can do so throughout the day, allowing the warehouse team to integrate those tasks into their workflow rather than being inundated at the end of the day.

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