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Search and Update

Search and Update

Quickly find any item, anywhere

Instantly locate a critical tool from the field with 24/7 access to real-time information on your inventory from the Android- and iOS-compatible ToolWatch Field App. Finding what you need quickly can prevent costly delays on your current project and a ripple that can affect the timing of later projects. Enabling field teams to be more self-sufficient also allows the warehouse team to be more productive.

Updating tool records from the field in real time keeps information current, which benefits other ToolWatch users throughout the company. Changing the status of an item that needs unscheduled maintenance helps ensure optimal performance and maximum life for your tools and equipment.

Comprehensive, Centralized Database

Get detailed information on any item in your inventory across all regions, divisions, storage locations, and projects to assist in planning and logistics.

Search across All Locations

Look for the tools and equipment you need at all warehouses, stocking yards, and projects, and then request the item from the appropriate location. Finding it at a nearby jobsite and contacting the site supervisor directly can save you time and effort.

Update Meter Readings

Make odometer or hour meter entries that ToolWatch uses to automatically generate service tickets for tasks like oil changes, safety inspections, and calibrations. Staying on top of these activities reduces unexpected project downtime, extends the useful life of tools and equipment, and helps ensure you meet regulatory requirements.

Update Status

User-defined statuses in ToolWatch enable you to coordinate the use and servicing of tools and equipment. In addition to the statuses that you create, the system comes with default statuses for Do Not Transfer, Service, Destroyed/Retired, and Lost & Found.

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