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Crowdsource information on asset location for more accurate logistics

When tool managers are confident that the data they have on tools and equipment is accurate and up-to-date they are able to make faster, more effective decisions. As a result, they are less likely to purchase additional items to “cover” themselves.

Users of the Android- and iOS-compatible ToolWatch Field App can verify the location of tools and equipment with just a few taps. This gives everyone in the organization confidence-building visibility into asset availability.

Increase Speed and Accuracy of Decision Making

Allow warehouse teams to make confident allocation decisions by providing full visibility on tool locations.

Eliminate the Need for Contingency Purchases

Reduce expensive surplus inventory that warehouse teams previously kept on hand as “backups.”

Distribute the Responsibility for Tool Tracking

Quickly and inexpensively solve issues of visibility, accuracy, and timeliness of data by distributing responsibility across field and warehouse teams.

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