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Over 6,000 companies use ToolWatch to manage more than 39 million tools and materials

More than 25 years ago, ToolWatch founder Don Kafka, then an electrical contractor, knew that his tools were slowly disappearing. His options? Waste valuable time searching for them or spend money to replace them. Needless to say, neither was appealing.

Unable to find an off-the-shelf solution to his problem, Kafka developed his own. From simple beginnings, ToolWatch software quickly became the ToolWatch platform, a comprehensive, enterprise-wide tool, equipment, materials, and consumables management system. In an industry long plagued by high levels of tool loss, damage, and hoarding, ToolWatch quickly gained acceptance.

Working in collaboration with the system’s many users, the ToolWatch team has implemented thousands of customer-suggested enhancements over the years, giving the system unrivaled capabilities. Today, over 6,000 installations in more than 20 countries use ToolWatch to manage their inventories and coordinate logistics. Cloud-based and intuitive, the system uses one centralized database to provide fast but secure access to real-time information on all warehouse and field operation assets.

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