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Computer Guidance Corporation

A smart collaboration, ToolWatch Enterprise and eCMS from Computer Guidance Corporation

Now, ToolWatch Enterprise integrates with eCMS from Computer Guidance Corporation. CGC offers an all‐inclusive suite of financial and project management app for contractors.

ToolWatch customers, who additionally use Computer Guidance Corporation eCMS application, can take advantage of a completely integrated ERP, DB2 SQL relational database, browser‐based and mobile friendly dashboards, alerts, and a Cloud deployment option. Our experience in building, implementing and supporting ERP integrations allows companies to immediately have access to business‐critical data.

With eCMS integration you get:

1. List management

Streamlined and synchronized list management

2. Billing

More accurate revenue captured with synchronized billing

3. Data

Synchronized tool/equipment records, which leads to better data

4. Up-to-date

Up-to-date data that helps you make critical decisions quicker and with more confidence

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