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ToolWatch and DEWALT Tool Connect™

ToolWatch and DEWALT Tool Connect™

ToolWatch teamed up with DEWALT to increase jobsite productivity through Bluetooth functionality

No more scanning

The days of bar codes are over. No more scanning. Tool Information, photos, even serial numbers are available in a single click.

Sync seamlessly

Adding tools, equipment and consumables to your ToolWatch inventory is easy. All the information associated with the item, including photos, is automatically uploaded.

Assigned and tracked

As items leave the warehouse, you’ll know precisely where they are, who’s responsible for them, cost centers and billing, no matter where they go on the job site. Even if they leave for another project – automatically re-assigned and billed.

Transparent technology

And it all happens automatically in the background, it’s as if tools, equipment, materials and consumables became responsible for themselves. From tool records, job costs and billing, inventory quantity, transfers, service and calibration, even reporting.

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ToolWatch Product Catalog

ToolWatch Product Catalog

We partnered with DEWALT to make adding tools and accessories to your system fast and easy

The new ToolWatch Product Catalog eliminates the need to manually enter tools and accessories, ensuring accurate product data.

  • Search over 10,000 items by brand/model and add to your ToolWatch system
  • Or, scan the new DEWALT QR code from the tool to automatically add the tool and its serial number to your system

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