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ToolWatch Field App

ToolWatch Field App

Your field teams will stay on top of ever‐changing needs without spending valuable time waiting on the phone or filling out forms

Productivity and profitability go hand‐in‐hand. With ToolWatch Field App your teams have the tools, equipment, and materials they need at the jobsite in the morning and throughout the day with no delays, projects get completed faster. And when they submit requests for tools and materials using their smartphone or tablet, pick tickets are automatically created for the warehouse team, everyone is more efficient.

The connectivity provided by the ToolWatch platform also enables field teams to serve as the eyes and ears of managers and executives. Data that the teams collect and share through the system gives management a much more comprehensive and real‐time perspective on operations, allowing them to make more accurate forecasts and devise more effective strategies.

How your Field Team benefits from ToolWatch


Access tool, equipment, and materials inventory details, and submit requests for needed items from your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

Field Workers

Confirm the location of tools and equipment, and update information on tool or equipment status on the go.

Stay on top of ever‐changing jobsite needs with your smartphone or tablet

The ToolWatch Field App keeps field teams connected to the ToolWatch platform wherever they go, giving them access to the information they need to stay busy and productive. Key capabilities include:

Search and update

Keep projects moving by easily finding the item you need, whether it’s in the warehouse or at another jobsite, and quickly revise equipment information such as odometer readings and status. Learn more…


Easily transfer tools, equipment, and materials to different users or jobsites without the involvement of the warehouse, and increase the accuracy of job cost and billing charges both for origination and destination projects with changes handled automatically. Learn more…


Save time and eliminate calls to the warehouse with one-touch requesting of tools, equipment, and materials that automatically generates pick tickets. Learn more…


Quickly confirm the location of items assigned to you or your project, give the warehouse team full visibility into tool locations, and reduce expensive surplus inventory that warehouse teams previously kept on hand as “backups.” Learn more…

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