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    ToolWatch | Mar 7, 2022

    ToolWatch Unveils Software Updates

New software enhancements make the construction industry’s most comprehensive operations management software even more powerful.

DENVER (September 8, 2020) ― ToolWatch, a powerful, flexible platform for tool, equipment, materials and consumables management, announced two major updates to its enterprise‐wide software, extending the already robust reporting and receiving features. These updates will allow businesses to further streamline internal processes, increase productivity on the job site and back office, and minimize unnecessary costs, all goals enhanced in the age of COVID‑19.

“ToolWatch is constantly innovating to meet the needs of our customers,” said Don Kafka, CEO of ToolWatch. “With updates like these, internal operations are optimized to improve efficiency and accuracy and in turn, profitability increases as well.”

ToolWatch users currently have advanced reporting capabilities, and now users can build and schedule customized reports using their ToolWatch data. From tool utilization, equipment transfers, to job costs and billing, ToolWatch Enterprise users can manage and create reports to meet their own specific needs. With real‐time data available to decision‐makers in whatever format they prefer, automatically, organizations gain full visibility into a project and strategically forecast with more accuracy.

“A well‐connected business is a profitable business,” says Don Kafka, CEO of ToolWatch. “In order to manage the complex and time‐consuming details involved in construction projects, automating and customizing the reporting process helps businesses save valuable time and gain insight into internal processes and operations.”

Expanding ToolWatch’s receiving process to iOS and Android mobile devices allows field team management to notify accounting departments with the receipt of items delivered to the job site instantly. The receiving process is streamlined even further and by eliminating unnecessary steps, office teams can pay vendor invoices immediately and start billing clients directly.

ToolWatch is currently in the final phase of beta testing these enhancements among select ToolWatch users, and the new features will be implemented to all ToolWatch users in fall 2020. To learn more, visit

About ToolWatch

For more than 25 years ToolWatch has helped companies manage tools, equipment, materials and consumables. Easy to use and delivered through a powerful, flexible platform, ToolWatch securely stores critical information on all field and warehouse operation assets so companies can run their businesses more efficiently, more cost‐effectively and more profitably. Today, more than 6,000 installations in 20 countries use ToolWatch. For more information about ToolWatch, visit or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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