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    ToolWatch University


Self-Paced Training Anytime, Anywhere

ToolWatch University is recommended as an additional training resource after customers have completed training, but ToolWatch University is available to all ToolWatch customers regardless of training history. Customers can request access to ToolWatch University by contacting their ToolWatch Success Manager.

ToolWatch University

Independent, on-demand learning made easy.

Learn the complete ToolWatch platform through ToolWatch University’s guided, self-paced courses. Each course is taught by a ToolWatch instructor through a series of video lessons, allowing students to learn at their own pace or go back to review lessons as many times as desired. New course content is added regularly, allowing students to continue their ToolWatch training and education and remain ahead of curve. Click here to open ToolWatch University.


These ToolWatch University courses are currently available.

ToolWatch Platform Training

Review the features and functions of the ToolWatch platform in five guided lessons. Participants will have the opportunity to learn:

  • How to manage tools, equipment, materials and consumables within their organization.
  • How to enter, assign, search for and transfer tools and materials.
  • How to use dashboards to see the status of assets and how to generating reports.

Perfect for: ToolWatch administrators, warehouse and field personnel.


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Job Cost & Billing Configuration Class

This course is divided into two guided lessons that cover:

  • How to configure your Job Cost & Billing module to accurately capture the cost of tools and materials.
  • How to generate billing for internal or external customers.

Perfect for: Accounting personnel.

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