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Drive Organizational Efficiency and Field Productivity

ToolWatch unites field, warehouse, and back office teams on a powerful, easy-to-use platform that improves construction operations through the robust tracking and management of tools, equipment, materials, and consumables. The results are better visibility, increased efficiency, and more productivity where it counts, on the job site.

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Best-in-Class Construction Asset Management

ToolWatch goes far beyond tracking tools to offer the most comprehensive system for managing construction assets of all types.

  • Unparalleled asset tracking. ToolWatch provides enterprise-wide visibility to a wealth of information about your assets, including item location, type, history, who it is assigned to, and much more.
  • Support for tools, equipment, materials, and consumables. Because tools need to be returned, equipment needs to be maintained, and materials need to be re-stocked, ToolWatch offers differentiated support for different types of assets.
  • Easily manage inventory and transfers. Keep just the right amount of inventory on hand and easily move items between field and warehouse with asset transfers.
  • Advanced operational workflows. Accurately bill tools to specific jobs, purchase and receive assets, schedule equipment service, and more with ToolWatch.
  • Leverage BLE, RFID, barcodes, and the ToolWatch app. Choose among multiple options to quickly scan assets, including the ability to mix and match.


Easy to Implement and Customize for your Organization

ToolWatch adapts to the way you do business with flexible implementation and customization options that enhance your existing workflows.

  • Flexible options to import your tools, equipment, and materials into ToolWatch, including searching and browsing the product catalog, or importing a data file.
  • Add multiple stocking locations and any number of users to ensure you maintain full visibility when new projects start and your teams grow.
  • Define asset types, tool kits, and user roles to align ToolWatch with the needs of your business, drive efficiency, and maintain control.
  • Leverage ToolWatch implementation and support experts that are available every step of the way.

Enterprise Secure, Scalable, and Future Proof

ToolWatch scales to meet the requirements of construction companies small and large and evolves with your organization in order to serve your future needs.

  • Choose from three ToolWatch tiers to match your organization's needs.
  • No added cost for additional users and locations means all your team members, project, and stocking locations can access ToolWatch to share information enterprise-wide.
  • Integrate ToolWatch with your other business systems to improve organizational visibility, efficiency, and data accuracy.
  • Access new features and functionality added regularly in response to evolving customer needs.
  • ToolWatch is hardened with multiple layers of security including granular user roles/permissions and regular penetration testing.
  • To be able to get a handle on the whole inventory has been an eye-opener for us. We were amazed at how many tools and resources we’ve been able to find.

    Tony Herring

    Woodruff, FIeld Ops Manager

  • The ToolWatch system has become an essential part of our company because we can very easily keep track of tools, equipment, and materials in real time.

    Vinny Fattorusso

    Hillis, Inventory Manager

  • With ToolWatch we can teach people how to use the software to their ability levels. From a tech guru in admin to someone who can barely turn on a computer, we can teach everyone how to use the system.

    David Meacham

    Account Manager, Jenco

  • ToolWatch makes it convenient to track down a tool so I can instruct users how to properly use it and take care of it.

    Jeff P.

    Tool Repair Coordinator

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