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Get the Insights to Manage Your Operations Strategically

ToolWatch reporting and analytics take the guesswork out of managing construction operations by collecting near-real-time data from the field and making it available enterprise-wide. Gain a new level of visibility into your operations that enables you to forecast more accurately and manage projects better. See the tangible outputs this capability offers below:

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Customizable Reports

Create custom and scheduled reports that meet your company’s specific needs. ToolWatch has a catalog of templated reports covering all tool, equipment, materials, and consumables management aspects of running your construction operations. A few examples of reports are the following:

  • Tool and Equipment Tracking
  • Transfers & Requisitions
  • Consumables Inventory
  • Purchasing 
  • Equipment Service & Calibration
  • Job Cost & Billing
  • Equipment Utilization

Dashboard Insights

From general overviews to exception reporting, ToolWatch’s user-friendly dashboards make it easy to capture data insights to inform data-driven actionable steps in your decision-making process. The overview enables the development of automated processes based on key metrics determined by your firm. Here's what you can accomplish:

  • Quickly filter key performance indicators.
  • Accurately inform your strategy instead of relying on guesswork.
  • Easily view data over time to understand asset and equipment utilization.


Historical Data

With historical data, ToolWatch enables you to better forecast your tool, equipment, materials, and consumables needs.

The data-driven insights can also highlight areas of profitability and inefficiency within your business to inform strategic decision-making among your leadership team.

  • Without ToolWatch we would not be able to manage all the moving assets of Gaylor Electric.

    Chuck G.

    President, Gaylor Electric Inc.

  • The ToolWatch reports have helped a lot because we’re able to correct things, make sure things are accounted for, and keep everything efficiently moving to each location.

    Vinny Fattorusso

    Hillis, Inventory Manager

  • To be able to get a handle on the whole inventory has been an eye-opener for us. We were amazed at how many tools and resources we’ve been able to find.

    Ken Dixon

    Todd Construction; Vice President

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