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    ToolWatch acquires
    Safety Reports

    Safety Reports is an innovator in mobile safety management and compliance solutions for construction, manufacturing, and other safety-related industries. 

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    Streamline your Construction Operations

    Go beyond tracking tools with a platform that connects your field, warehouse, and back office teams to drive productivity.

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    Powerful easy
    to use Platform

    Get your teams what they need when they need it to get the job done. 

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    ToolWatch Cloud

    The new version of ToolWatch is more powerful, easier to use, and accessible from any device.

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Manage job site safety in one convenient platform

Increase productivity, decrease costs and minimize liability with a scalable and customizable EHS management solution that is part of the ToolWatch construction operations platform.

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Integrate your EHS program with field, warehouse and back-office operations.

Streamline processes and create synergies between remote jobsites and your main office. ToolWatch allows you to manage safety and inspection data for both your employees and the assets they use.

  • Ensure that inspections and service records are up to date by adding inspection data for heavy equipment to other operational data at the record level, including service calendars and maintenance manuals.
  • Tie employee certifications to the equipment they use. Get notified when an employee is assigned equipment for which they are not certified or when those certifications expire.

Ensure compliance and minimize risk across multiple job sites.

Purpose-built for remote worksites, ToolWatch mobile safety apps are optimized for use in the field on smartphones and tablets, making it easy to manage training, inspections, observation reporting and incident tracking across several sites.

  • Safety apps are modular, allowing you to combine them to meet your business needs.
  • Virtual safety inspection capability allows you to conduct remote inspections by connecting in real-time and taking site photos.
  • Toolbox talk and safety meeting resources help you plan, execute and document employee training on safety rules and procedures.

Track and manage critical safety data in real-time.

Get improved visibility to safety trends, enabling you to understand risk and correct potential issues faster. Safety data, including hazards, incidents, accidents, corrective actions, and observations, are stored online and updated in real-time.

  • Dashboard, analytics, and reporting track compliance and trends by job site or aggregate.
  • Automatic tracking of corrective actions ensures proper resolution of inspection items.
  • Central data collection and storage of prior inspection data maintains ongoing compliance documentation.

Build a Safety-Focused Culture Like ASUS

With over 10,000 inspections and 260,000 observations in the Safety Reports solution every year, the ASUS team prides itself on full transparency. Check out our webinar to learn more about how ASUS uses Safety Reports to support the full lifecycle of its safety program.

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