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    ToolWatch acquires
    Safety Reports

    Safety Reports is an innovator in mobile safety management and compliance solutions for construction, manufacturing, and other safety-related industries. 

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    Streamline your Construction Operations

    Go beyond tracking tools with a platform that connects your field, warehouse, and back office teams to drive productivity.

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    Powerful easy
    to use Platform

    Get your teams what they need when they need it to get the job done. 

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    ToolWatch Cloud

    The new version of ToolWatch is more powerful, easier to use, and accessible from any device.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Equipment

Track, manage, maintain, and bill your most valuable physical assets.

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Trusted by Leading Construction Firms Worldwide

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Equipment Management Software Capabilities

Locate Equipment

Always know which job sites your assets are on and who is responsible for them. Plus, integrate GPS data to view the precise location on demand.

Maintain Assets

Avoid costly breakdowns, extend the life of your construction equipment, and schedule safety inspections with ToolWatch equipment maintenance software.


Eliminate billing errors and save time. Manage job costs and billing with ToolWatch and integrate your accounting and ERP systems to streamline billing.


Make informed decisions with real-time asset utilization data. See when your assets are on the job and track hour-meter data for your maintenance and charging purposes.

Take control of your most valuable equipment

Assign and transfer your equipment

Transfer and assign your valuable assets to certified personnel on any job site, with one of the easiest equipment tracking systems.

Track assets with GPS-integrated data

View which projects and people your construction equipment is assigned to. ToolWatch’s GPS integrations provide you with coordinates and a detailed map view of your equipment from any corner of the world.

Manage operator certifications with ease

Ensure your assets get assigned to certified personnel. The ToolWatch platform will keep track of all certified employees and alert you if their certifications have expired, so you can rest assured that your valuable equipment remains in safe hands.

View your asset utilization in detail

Stay updated on:

  • When your assets are on the job
  • Hour-meter data for maintenance and charging plans
  • Operator information

Avoid breakdowns and extend the life of your construction equipment

Create and schedule service plans

Schedule service plans for equipment maintenance, safety inspections, calibrations, and any other type of service needed.

Receive automated service notifications

Get notified proactively when your equipment has an upcoming service event. 

Capture complete service history

Have you been tracking maintenance in a spreadsheet or using paper records? ToolWatch makes it easy to record and view all service history for each piece of equipment. 
See how Gastier streamlines its service and calibration.

Eliminate errors and save time billing your equipment

Accurately charge your equipment to the correct job

Because the billing for your highest-priced assets must be on time and accurate, ToolWatch delivers comprehensive Job Cost and Billing

Leverage powerful billing options

Choose to charge your clients based on a fixed rate sheet or an automated, usage-based model. You can set your maximum billing amount by days per week or month. The choice is yours.

Integrate your Accounting/ERP System
Access on-demand reporting

Determine the viability of your equipment purchases when you calculate the ROI of your assets straight from the equipment usage data.

See How You Can Easily Manage Your Equipment With ToolWatch

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Industry Experts Can’t Stop Raving About ToolWatch's Equipment Management System

  • We can quickly see where all our assets are and make sure the jobs won’t experience delays if they need anything.”
    Vinny Fattorusso
    Inventory Manager, The Hillis Group
  • “We now know what we need to charge our customers. Before ToolWatch, it was difficult to make any direct connection between our actual costs and what we should be charging to recover them.”
    Ken Dixon
    Vice President, Tonn & Blank Construction

Take The Guesswork Out Of Managing Your Equipment

What are you waiting for? Take a free tour to see how ToolWatch's equipment management software ensures you get the most out of your highest-priced assets.

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