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    Job Site Operations


Boost job site productivity, track and locate tools, streamline operations, improve job costing, and simplify purchasing and receiving.

ToolWatch empowers your field teams to track and locate tools and equipment and source additional assets they need to get the job done.

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Meet the ToolWatch Job Site Portal

  • Easy to use project portal designed exclusively for field users.
  • Submit and view requests for items needed on site in seconds, see when they are expected to arrive, and when they were delivered or returned.
  • Accessible from any device, including phones and tablets.
  • No cost for additional users so all of your field personnel can leverage the power of ToolWatch.

Asset Requisitions and Return

  • Easily locate and request items from stocking locations and other job sites with a few clicks in the ToolWatch app.
  • Proactively return items to the warehouse when they’re no longer needed via ToolWatch returns to maintain a safe, orderly, and operational job site.
  • Keep your field personnel focused on the job at hand instead of spending time on tedious administrative tasks like playing phone tag with the warehouse.
  • Reduce job site hazards and costs associated with unused equipment sitting on site.

Tool Crib Software

  • Check out and track tools assigned to individuals to improve accountability and reduce tool loss with tool crib check in and check out capabilities.
  • ToolWatch express check out enables a group of items to be checked out simultaneously, saving time when large numbers of tools need to be reassigned.
  • Support for multiple locations and location hierarchies make it easy to add additional tool cribs as new projects come online and field conditions change.

Job Cost and Billing

  • Improve the accuracy of job costing by tracking tool and equipment utilization and automating job cost calculations and billing.
  • Asset requisitions and returns automatically feed job cost and billing so your project is only billed for tools and equipment while they are on site.
  • Quickly view your project’s actual tool and equipment costs via ToolWatch’s easy-to-run reports and compare actual costs to what was budgeted.
  • Click here to learn more about ToolWatch job cost and billing.

Purchasing and Receiving

  • Complete purchasing and receiving tasks from anywhere, including the field.
  • Initiate asset purchases when no inventory is available from stocking locations.
  • Receive against purchase orders all within the ToolWatch Job Site Portal.
  • Without ToolWatch we would not be able to manage all the moving assets of Gaylor Electric.

    Chuck G.

    Gaylor Electric Inc, President

  • We needed to understand where all costs were coming from, and ToolWatch has given us more visibility into the field. Now we can see what we actually own.

    Tony Herring

    Woodruff, Field Ops Manager

  • With ToolWatch we can teach people how to use the software to their ability levels. From a tech guru in admin to someone who can barely turn on a computer, we can teach everyone how to use the system.

    David Meacham

    Jenco; Account Manager

  • ToolWatch provides a customizable way to inventory tools by location and easily transfer, retire, and regulate tools.

    Elizabeth C.

    IS Project Manager

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