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    Instrumental Integrations


Drive efficiency and accuracy with our extensive range of integrations.

ToolWatch integrates seamlessly with a variety of platforms to achieve better project visibility and efficiency, including ERP and accounting systems, construction management software, equipment manufacturers, fleet solutions, and more. We understand that many of our customers are actively searching for new technology to improve their business processes and drive efficiency, and that is why ToolWatch is dedicated to making integration a priority.

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ERP / Accounting Systems

Our integrations with these systems help enable synchronization of things such as list management, billing, tool equipment records, etc.


Viewpoint Vista & Spectrum

ToolWatch Enterprise integrates with Viewpoint Vista & Viewpoint Spectrum, two of the construction industry's premier software applications for managing operations and finance.

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Sage 300 CRE, Sage 100 Contractor, Sage Intacct

For those who use Sage, ToolWatch Enterprise integrates with Sage 300 CRE & Sage 100.

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ToolWatch Enterprise integrates with eCMS from Computer Guidance Corporation. CGC offers an all-inclusive suite of financial and project management app for contractors.

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An ERP purposely built for construction companies and capital projects.

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Construction Management

Construction Management integrations drive further visibility into operations helping improve productivity across the field, warehouse and back office teams.



ToolWatch customers who use Procore can take advantage of synchronizing their daily log entries within the Procore platform, including tool and equipment utilization. New project information and employee profiles created in Procore will appear in ToolWatch Enterprise. Streamlining this data in real-time allows companies to gain greater insights into projects, manage logistics and make strategic decisions with more accuracy.

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By partnering with manufacturers, we help improve the overall tool ownership experience by linking data between manufacturers products and ToolWatch.



ToolWatch teamed up with DEWALT to make adding tools and accessories to your system fast and easy.

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Our fleet integrations enable us to provide maintenance and consumption tracking for fleets, while also leveraging telematics data.


GPS Insight

ToolWatch's integration with GPS Insight improves the management of fleet operations, including syncing and billing trip data, tracking vehicle mileage, scheduling maintenance, and more. Improve visibility of your vehicle inventories and sync odometer readings and trips data to ToolWatch to manage your fleet as part of your overall construction operations.


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

ToolWatch's Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology integration leverages BLE trackers embedded in tools and equipment to automatically reassign those items when they move to new job sites. The system can also be configured to automatically initiate job costs when the items enter a job site through a BLE gateway. This automates the tracking of assets and other operational workflows, reducing time and errors associated with these tasks and improving overall efficiency.



Through DEWALT TOOL CONNECT's BLE capabilities, Toolwatch automatically tracks and reassigns inventory as it moves between job sites and warehouses, as well as automates other operational workflows.

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We integrate with any identity provider (IdP) that supports SAML 2.0 which enables a technology team to configure the integration to allow users to be "just in time" created. The IdP admin can centrally control who gets access to ToolWatch, and what access they have, while also managing password policies, restricting logins, and having one place to provision and de-provision users.


Azure Active Directory





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