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    Tool & Equipment Tracking


Take control of your inventory items from warehouse to field and back.

ToolWatch provides warehouse teams full visibility and operational control over tool and material inventories across all stocking locations and job sites. Know exactly where your items are and how many you have to improve asset utilization, increase field accountability, and deliver exceptional service.

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Gain visibility of your assets in the field

Track the items that leave your warehouse across yard, job site, and tool crib locations for better visibility and collaboration with field teams.

  • Tool crib software transforms traditional tool cribs into highly efficient tool and equipment distribution centers, with express check-in/check-out, self-service mode, and more.
  • Multiple locations and location hierarchies allow you to track and manage construction resources across all project and stocking locations, including new job sites that come online.
  • Access for unlimited warehouse and field users at no additional cost ensures anyone from your company can scan in and check out assets, improving tracking and visibility.

Streamline your warehouse logistics

ToolWatch’s app-based workflows for warehouse teams improve the speed and accuracy of warehouse logistics and allow personnel to focus on getting the job done instead of going playing phone tag with the field.

  • Pick tickets and transfers enable warehouse teams to efficiently pick and move items to and from any location, including site-to-site transfers.
  • Requisitions and returns enable field teams to request items they need from the warehouse and proactively return them when they’re no longer needed on site.
  • Purchasing and receiving tasks can be performed from the warehouse, job site, or back office, plus ToolWatch auto-populates purchase orders to save time.

Leverage the latest scanning technologies

ToolWatch’s broad support for scanning technologies provides the flexibility to choose the solution that works best for your company and projects, including the ability to mix and match.

  • BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy automates scanning via BLE tags and gateways. A BLE tagged item that passes through a BLE gateway will be automatically logged at that location.
  • Barcode Scanning offers quick, reliable scanning of individual items.
  • The ToolWatch mobile app can also be used to scan item barcodes or search/browse to an item and confirm its physical location.
  • Accuracy in the warehouse has improved. I can’t even put into words how much it has improved.

    Tina Helmsing

    Controller, Guarantee Electrical Company

  • ToolWatch provides a customizable way to inventory tools by location and easily transfer, retire, and regulate tools.

    Elizabeth C.

    IS Project Manager

  • With ToolWatch, we can make the most of each tool because things aren’t sitting around on job sites where they can be lost or stolen.

    Martin L.

    Shop Manager

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