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    Construction Operations Management


Increase Job Site Productivity
By Improving Operations

ToolWatch unites field, warehouse, and back office teams on a single platform that drives job site productivity by streamlining operations. From tracking tools and materials, to scheduling equipment maintenance and safety inspections, to reporting on inventory levels, ToolWatch delivers easy-to-use capabilities that improve productivity and increase your bottom line. ToolWatch recently acquired Safety Reports, one of the industries leading safety solution providers.

  • Tool & Equipment Tracking
  • Material & Consumable Management
  • Equipment Service & Calibration
  • Asset Purchasing & Receiving
  • Job Cost & Billing
  • And Much More!

Back Office

Get the visibility, insights, and operational controls to ensure your projects have the resources needed for on-time delivery, without creating waste.

Asset Management

Take control of your tools, equipment, materials, and consumables. ToolWatch not only tells you exactly where your assets are and how much inventory you have, it also enables you to request, transfer, service, and return those assets, all from a single platform.

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Financial Oversight & Procurement

Create detailed invoices and financial reports in seconds with data collected from the field. ToolWatch also supports procurement of additional assets when inventory levels are low and integrates with ERP systems to tie out operational data to finance and accounting.

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Reporting & Analytics

Gain a comprehensive picture of your company operations with ToolWatch's reporting and analytics capabilities. Inform forecasting and strategic decisions making with data-driven insights into operational efficiency, asset utilization, and ROI.

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Know exactly where your tools and materials are at all times so you can manage your inventory, maximize equipment uptime, and effectively support projects in the field.

Tool & Material Tracking

Maintain visibility of all your warehouse items, even the location of small tools, materials, and consumables, and easily transfer items from warehouse to field and back, or between jobs.

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Inventory & Consumable Management

Update inventory quantities, complete pick tickets, perform purchasing and receiving functions, and generate reports with speed and precision. ToolWatch will even notify you when inventory levels are low.

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Equipment Maintenance & Scheduling

Maximize equipment uptime and avoid costly project delays by tracking equipment service histories and scheduling maintenance proactively with ToolWatch's service and calibration capabilities.

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Getting the right tools and materials on time, on site and in working order is mission‑critical for productive, safe, and profitable job sites. That's why ToolWatch goes beyond scanning in site inventory and checking out tools to support complete job site operations.

Job Site Operations

ToolWatch makes it easy to manage onsite logistics to keep your job site operating at maximum capacity and efficiency. Ensure field personnel have the tools and equipment they need to get the job done, including the ability to request additional items and proactively return equipment so it does not sit unused and in the way.

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  • Without ToolWatch we would not be able to manage all the moving assets of Gaylor Electric.

    Chuck G.

    President, Gaylor Electric Inc.

  • With ToolWatch, we can make the most of each tool because things aren’t sitting around on job sites where they can be lost or stolen.

    Martin L.

    Shop Manager

  • ToolWatch is extremely useful. We’re in and out of the system all day long.

    Rick C.

    Warehouse Driver

  • From a tech guru in admin to someone who can barely turn on a computer, we can teach everyone how to use ToolWatch.

    David Meacham

    Account Manager at Jenco

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