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ToolWatch University

ToolWatch University

Self-Paced Training Anytime, Anywhere

ToolWatch's training center offers complete Enterprise system training in a classroom setting. Students interact with instructors and other students in a relaxed, hands-on atmosphere. All classes include free 30-day subscriptions to ToolWatch University and ToolWatch Sandbox, a fully functional version of Enterprise.

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ToolWatch University

Independent Learning Made Easy

Learn the complete Enterprise system training through ToolWatch University’s guided, self-paced courses. Each course is taught by a ToolWatch instructor through a series of video lessons, allowing students to learn at their own pace or go back to review lessons as many times as desired. New course content is added regularly, allowing students to continue their ToolWatch training and education and remain ahead of curve. Open ToolWatch University.

ToolWatch University Offers

With ToolWatch University, students can learn the Enterprise system at their own pace. ToolWatch’s online source offers guided, self-paced courses that are avaible anytime, anywhere. Here’s an overview of the ToolWatch University courses currently avaible.

ToolWatch Essential Training Course

Learn the features and functions of ToolWatch Enterprise in five guided lessons. Students will learn how to manage tools, equipment, materials and consumables within an organization, including entering, assigning, searching for and transferring tools and materials; using dashboard to see the status of assets; and generating reports.

Perfect for: ToolWatch administrators, warehouse and field personnel.

Job Cost & Billing Configuration Class

Learn how to configure your Job Cost & Billing module to accurately capture the cost of tools and materials to generate billing for internal or external customers. This course is divided into two guided lessons.

Perfect for: Accounting personnel.

Frequently asked questions

What all does ToolWatch University offer?

ToolWatch University is an online source that offers Enterprise system training through guided, self-paced courses. The courses are taught through video lessons by a ToolWatch instructor and include a training guide workbook with practice exercises and answer key. ToolWatch University easily allows students and Enterprise users to log in and refresh their memories by reviewing specific course lessons.

Can I continue using ToolWatch University once I’ve completed all of the courses?

Yes, ToolWatch University offers quarterly and annual subscriptions so Enterprise users can login and access the lessons at anytime, from anywhere. ToolWatch University courses are designed to offer both Enterprise system training and refresher lessons.

How long are the courses and lessons?

ToolWatch University’s courses vary in length from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. Students and Enterprise users can start and pause the lessons at any time.

Can I use ToolWatch University in place of the live online or classroom training options?

Yes, ToolWatch University is a great alternative learning option in place of the live online or classroom training options. It allows students to complete Enterprise system training through guided, self-paced courses.

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