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Your success is our mission.

Our relationship with you starts with the end in mind: a highly efficient operations management system. We do it through an ongoing process of dialogue, objectives and analysis, providing expert guidance to keep your company on track throughout the lifetime of your ToolWatch subscription.

Customer Success Benefits

Our customer success managers are invested in your success; they are your go-to resource to address your needs with ToolWatch.

Get a Dedicated CSM

You’ll work with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who knows your company, people, and vision for the future. We value your relationship and continuously monitor performance to empower you to reach maximum utilization on the ToolWatch platform.

Consistent Communication

Communication is key to your success. From a tech touch to reaching out with regular "check the pulse" calls, gauging your platform's temperature, and monitoring how your progress matches your goals is our top priority.

Professional Guidance

Your CSM will work with you to develop a plan of continual performance improvement by reviewing analytical and behavioral data, derived from the platform. This data allows them to inform you about module activities and usage within your platform to increase product utilization and your overall success.

Resource Support

Your CSM is your advocate at ToolWatch. They gather the resources your team needs to succeed. They can assist in setting up additional training, implementation, and development services to get everyone at your company on board and bought in to achieve your goals.

Valuable Insights

Using the information gathered, your CSM periodically interacts with a member of your team leadership to identify areas for performance improvement, driving the ultimate goal of operational excellence to the next level during your journey with ToolWatch.

ToolWatch Software Services

  • They came into the office and walked us through everything. Their training is excellent. Their people are helpful and responsive... ToolWatch is a complete 180 from other platforms I’ve worked with.

    Tony Herring

    Field Ops Manager, Woodruff

  • Very professional and knowledgeable, there is no question that you’re working with someone who cares about your problems and wants to get them resolved.

    VP of Operations

    Electrical Contractor

  • The training was done very well and really helped our company’s ToolWatch users who are either new to the program or don’t use it very often.


    Mechanical contractor

  • The ToolWatch system has become an essential part of our company because we can very easily keep track of tools, equipment, and materials in real time.

    Vinny Fattorusso

    Inventory Manager, Hillis

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