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Warehouse Team

ToolWatch Warehouse for Desktop

Be confident your warehouse operations are running at peak efficiency, with maximum accuracy.

The ToolWatch platform makes it quick and convenient to keep critical data accurate and current, which allows your warehouse team to move rapidly from one task to the next. Accessible from desktop software and mobile apps, and integrated with handheld devices, the information they need to do their job is readily available and immediately updated when team members make entries in the system.

  • Enterprise‐wide visibility
  • Fully connected real‐time data—no syncing
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS phones and scanners
  • RFID ready—requires RFID scanner

Your warehouse team can maximize the life and utilization of your tools and equipment by closely adhering to maintenance schedules and performing needed repairs promptly. They can also set reminders to perform evaluation and testing of equipment to ensure the safety of your field teams.

ToolWatch Warehouse for Mobile

Give your warehouse team the lightning fast performance they need to perform at a demanding pace—anywhere.

You asked and we’ve delivered. Our mobile app is easy and convenient for busy warehouse workers.

  • Enterprise‐wide visibility
  • Fully connected real‐time data—no syncing
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS phones and scanners
  • RFID ready—requires RFID scanner

This high-performance app is fully connected and available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The Warehouse Mobile app is ideal for warehouse, yard, and jobsite trailer operations. It is compatible with Android phones and ruggedized warehouse scanners. ToolWatch is proud to partner with Bluebird, offering the EF500R, a perfect combination of premium enterprise class mobility and rugged industrial design. This app also supports dedicated RFID scanners.

ToolWatch Warehouse for Mobile is an ideal stand‐alone application for managing job site tool cribs

Everything your mobile tool crib teams need to manage tool trailers on-site without any additional hardware or IT support.

  • Tool Inventory
  • Material Inventory
  • Express Check‐In/Out
  • Pick Tickets and more… (see below)
  • This application is connected in real‐time with your other ToolWatch Enterprise warehouses and ToolWatch Back Office operations.

How your Warehouse team benefits from ToolWatch


Manage inventory, perform purchasing and receiving functions, and generate reports with just a few mouse clicks.

Warehouse Workers

Complete pick tickets and input inventory quantities with speed and precision, and use automated reminders to ensure equipment is serviced on schedule.

Delivery Drivers

Prepare deliveries, deliver tools, equipment, and materials, and accept and process returns efficiently.

Tool Crib Attendants

Effectively distribute and re‑inventory tools and equipment, and update equipment information on the spot.

Intuitive tool, equipment, materials, and consumables management

Incorporating all the features that warehouse teams need and have asked for, and none that they don’t, ToolWatch is powerful, flexible, and easy to use. Here are just some of its key capabilities.


Order and track item transfers between field teams and jobsites.

New tool record creation

Ensure that every new tool has a record in the system so it can be tracked throughout its life.

Inventory quantity

Update numbers in real time using computers and handheld devices to record the movement of every item that comes into or goes out from the warehouse.

Pick tickets

Create and process lists of items needed for a project, employee, or stocking point.

Tool and materials management

Gain greater visibility into tools and materials across the organization, perform purchasing and receiving, and run reports with data rollup from multiple stocking locations.

Express check‑in/out

Give tool crib attendants the ability to quickly check items in and out so field teams are never idle waiting for what they need.

Compare Warehouse features for desktop and mobile to see which works best for you

ToolWatch supports a robust set of easy to use and powerful features for warehouse teams.
Here are the key capabilities.

Warehouse Features Desktop Mobile
Search Tools & Materials ✓ ✓
Materials & Consumables Inventory ✓ ✓
Tool Kits ✓ ✓
Pick Tickets ✓ ✓
Transfer Tools & Materials ✓ ✓
Express Check‑in/out ✓ ✓
Count Inventory ✓ ✓
New Tool & Material Creation ✓ ✓
Service & Calibration ✓
Service Request ✓
Work Orders ✓
Service, Calibration, Inspection Schedule ✓
Service Reporting ✓
Purchasing & Receiving ✓
Materials Low Level Browser and Alerts ✓
Purchase Orders ✓
Receiving Tickets ✓
Manage Retired Tools ✓
Kit Creation ✓
Templates ✓
Reporting ✓

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