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Success Coaching

Success Coaching

We continuously monitor your success

Our relationship with you starts with the end in mind: a highly efficient operations management system. We do it through an ongoing process of dialogue, objectives and analysis, providing expert guidance to keep your company on track throughout the lifetime of your ToolWatch Unlimited Access subscription.

A dedicated Customer Success Manager

No learning new names, you’ll work with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, someone who knows your company, your people and your situation. It’s a relationship. They continuously monitor success to help you reach full utilization from ToolWatch.


It’s the key to success. From tech touch to reaching out with regular pulse calls*, it’s our chance to take the temperature of the system and monitor progress.

Evaluate and Recommend

Your Customer Success Manager works with you to develop a plan of continual performance improvement by reviewing analytical data (behavioral use), derived from the platform. It informs them what modules are used and to what extent and can explain the benefits of each module to increase product utilization.


Your success manager is your advocate within ToolWatch. They gather the resources your team needs to succeed. When recommended, they can assist in setting up additional training, implementation and development services to get everyone at your company on board to achieve your goals.


Using the information gathered, your Customer Success Manager periodically interacts with a member of your team leadership to identify areas of performance improvement, driving the ultimate goal of operational excellence.

*Dependent on level of subscription service

Give us 15 minutes and we’ll show you how Operations Management will improve your field productivity.

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