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    ToolWatch acquires
    Safety Reports

    Safety Reports is an innovator in mobile safety management and compliance solutions for construction, manufacturing, and other safety-related industries. 

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    Streamline your Construction Operations

    Go beyond tracking tools with a platform that connects your field, warehouse, and back office teams to drive productivity.

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    Powerful easy
    to use Platform

    Get your teams what they need when they need it to get the job done. 

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    ToolWatch Cloud

    The new version of ToolWatch is more powerful, easier to use, and accessible from any device.

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Streamline Your Construction Operations

Go beyond tracking tools with a platform that connects your field, warehouse, and back office teams to drive productivity.

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The Industry Leader

ToolWatch is the construction industry's first and most comprehensive operations management platform. For 30 years ToolWatch has helped leaders from construction and other industries across the globe manage their tool and material inventories, field and warehouse logistics, and safety programs. Easy to use and delivered through a powerful cloud-based platform, ToolWatch provides fast and secure access to real-time operations data that helps its customers reduce risk and run their businesses more efficiently, more cost-effectively and more profitably.


Our platform connects your field, warehouse and back office teams ensuring they have what they need when they need it leading to improved productivity +



ToolWatch integrates with key solutions used to run your business - from ERP solutions to project management to manufacturers - driving efficiency and accuracy in reporting +



Our team of experts are with you every step of the way - from implementation to training and ongoing support we are here to help drive your success +


Solutions for All Your Needs

See how ToolWatch helps connect your field, warehouse and back office teams, enabling you to run your business more efficiently, cost effectively and profitably

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Field Productivity

Keep field teams connected wherever they go, giving them access to the tools, equipment, and information they need to stay busy and productive.

Warehouse Team

Be confident your warehouse operations are running at peak efficiency, with maximum accuracy. Effectively manage and track the inventory of assets in your warehouse from tools and equipment to materials.


From admins to managers and executives, provide your team with real-time data and visibility into project performance.


About us

Serving the Industry for over 30 Years

ToolWatch is the platform of choice for over 650 companies across 20+ countries. From specialty trades to general contractors, oil and gas and utility companies, ToolWatch has been leading the way in driving productivity across construction operations in multiple industries.

Why Choose ToolWatch

Case Studies

Learn How ToolWatch Increases Efficiency And Saves Money

  • Egan Company Dramatically Reduces Equipment Loss With ToolWatch

    Egan Company
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  • How ToolWatch Powers Gastier's Lean Construction Operations

  • Jenco Thinks Differently, Implements ToolWatch, Saves Time and Money

  • Woodruff Construction Snatches Runaway Tool Costs from Overhead Black Hole

    Woodruff Construction
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  • The Hillis Group makes the most of ToolWatch — and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost inventory

    The Hillis Group
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  • Todd Construction Improves Its Job Cost and Billing Game with ToolWatch Enterprise

    Todd Construction
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ToolWatch has been the construction industry’s trusted solution for more than 30 years. 


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