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    Specialty Trades


Company-wide tool, equipment, and materials management for specialty trades

Whether it's drywall, plumbing, painting or any other type of specialty trade, ToolWatch has the capabilities you need to take your business operations to the next level. ToolWatch’s inventory management system helps to keep your tool and equipment costs low and profitability high. ToolWatch’s highly accurate real time data reporting gives your team the insight that they need to make strategically informed decisions to reduce operational expenses and drive efficiency across your entire organization.

Masks and gloves, backhoes, directional drilling gear, deck mowers... ToolWatch enables you to manage all of your assets efficiently and effectively. ToolWatch’s capabilities are constantly being expanded to meet the changing needs of your business. So your return on investment continues to grow as ToolWatch grows and improves alongside your business.

Give your teams the technology to stay connected, coordinate, and excel

However you choose to use ToolWatch —via cloud based software, mobile apps, or using hand-held scanning devices —the system provides an array of benefits to the specialty trades across all areas of their operations.

The system’s proven cloud-based technology: 

  • Provides enterprise-wide visibility into tool utilization
  • Reduces theft, loss, and overall tool costs
  • Automates materials management
  • Streamlines purchasing and receiving
  • Automates job costing and billing

The result is office, warehouse, and field teams that are better equipped to do their jobs —whether that’s bringing projects in on time and under budget, managing daily operations, or devising and implementing company strategy.

Learn how ToolWatch can improve your operations



Perform job costing and billing, generate insightful reports, and access the information you need to manage logistics and direct operations quickly and efficiently.

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Manage purchasing and receiving, generate pick tickets, coordinate transfers, and maintain up-to-the-minute awareness of inventory quantities in the warehouse or yard.

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Field personnel can easily locate tools and materials, request items, and verify tools from job sites, in their vehicles, etc. using their Android or iOS phones or tablets.

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Who is using ToolWatch

ToolWatch is an intuitive, cost-effective, web-based system that’s easy to implement and delivers immediate results. That’s why it’s no surprise that the specialty trades rely on it.

"ToolWatch is extremely useful. We’re in and out of the system all day long."
Rick C.
Warehouse Driver

Real world, real results

  • A contractor in the Midwest used insights from the ToolWatch client services team to create new tool management processes that are resulting in significant cost savings.

Productivity‐boosting integrations


ToolWatch integrates with Viewpoint Vista and Viewpoint Spectrum, two of the construction industry’s premier software applications for managing operations and finance.

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ToolWatch integrates with Sage 300 CRE (formerly Timberline), the most widely-used construction management software in the industry.

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ToolWatch integrates with CMiC, ERP purposely built for construction companies and capital projects.

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ToolWatch integrates with eCMS from Computer Guidance Corporation. CGC offers an all‐inclusive suite of financial and project management app for contractors.

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ToolWatch has been the construction industry’s trusted solution for more than 30 years. 


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